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Hannah: You don’t have one of those ridiculous um…those massage chairs, do you?[Jacob hesitates in answering]Hannah: [laughing] You do?Jacob Palmer: No.Hannah: Yes, you do!Jacob Palmer: Yeah, I do.[Hannah laughs hard]Hannah: Oh, my God!Jacob Palmer: I don’t! I don’t! I do! Who’d have that? I would! I have that.Hannah: How much was it?Jacob Palmer: Five thousand dollars[this makes Hannah laugh even harder]Jacob Palmer: Ask me how many times I’ve used it?Hannah: How many times have you used it?Jacob Palmer: Twice.[laughing harder]Hannah: That’s twenty five hundred dollars a message.Jacob Palmer: Twice!Hannah: Where is it?Jacob Palmer: It’s in the garage.
Jacob Palmer: The Home Shopping Network, I mean I’m addi…I buy…I buy…I’m just the worst!Hannah: Do you have a Slap JackJacob Palmer: Yes!Hannah: Do you have the knife that cuts through the penny?Jacob Palmer: Yes![Hannah laughs hard]Hannah: What else do you have?Jacob Palmer: Coin Bears.Hannah: Coin Bears?Jacob Palmer: Yeah.Hannah: You don’t have Coin Bear?Jacob Palmer: I have a whole set of Coin Bears from each date.Hannah: You have fifty Coin Bears?Jacob Palmer: Yeah, they all have a rare coin in their foot.Hannah: You stay up nights?Jacob Palmer: I am wildly unhappy [they both laugh]Jacob Palmer: I’m trying to buy it and it’s not working.

This movie didn’t disappoint me at all. \m/ Ryan Gosling is <3.
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In the heat of the moment…
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Adorned by Paree…
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"I swear to God I won’t stop until you’re shaking…"
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Carpet burns…
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I will carry you away….
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gettin’ busy
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