Rant time.

Why is Kristen so hated? Because she doesn’t act like the typical Hollywood actress? Because she stays true to herself, doesn’t let people change her, and doesn’t give into the pressure of Hollywood? Because she’s dating Robert Pattinson? Seems like it.

People often judge Kristen for “never smiling”, and if you took three seconds out of the time you waste hating her, you’d realize that isn’t true. It’s FAR from the truth. In fact, those jokes are old now. Rob said himself, that the media will pick the one photo that she’s not smiling in, and put it in the magazines.

Seems like most people hate her for this too. People say “If she doesn’t like the media, she shouldn’t be in the business.”

Lets do a picture spam, shall we?

Since when is Kristen the only celebrity who gives photographers the middle finger? Clearly, she’s not.  But to haters, that doesn’t matter. It’s okay for every other celebrity to give the middle finger, except for Kristen. It just gives them another unnecessary reason to hate her. Why? Because they’re hypocrites.

If you had to deal with cameras in your face everywhere you went, I’m sure you’d be flipping the bird and telling the media off.

Or is she hated because she’s in Twilight? People seem to confuse Kristen with the character of ‘Bella’ who was written to act that way. Clearly, these haters haven’t seen any of Kristen’s movies besides Twilight. Because if they had, they wouldn’t be able to say she can’t act.

Oh, what’s that? Acting.

Let’s not forget the numerous awards she’s won - Including a BAFTA, and had Oscar buzz before her movie ‘On The Road came out - Which by the way, was selected for CANNES.

Let’s not forget the millions of fans she has around the world, the millions of girls who look up to her. The amazing amount of actors and directors who say nothing but good things about her. The actors and directors who want to work with her. And, lets not forget she was just named Forbes most paid actress.

There is the argument of Kristen “has no emotions” or “never smiles”

What’s that? Oh look. Smiling, laughing, and facial expressions.

The argument of “She’s awkward”and “stutters”

I’m sorry, ever think that’s she’s nervous? If you paid attention to what she said instead of automatically judging her, you’d know that she is nervous.  We all do things when we get nervous. I myself, stutter and get awkward. Lots of people do.

And last, but not least, she’s hated because her and Rob are dating. She gets death threats. From pathetic losers hiding behind their computer screens. And people saying “they’re not together” Stage 1: anger. Stage 2: denial Stage 3: accept it, or get over it. They’re happy. Rob’s happy with her, clearly. He’ll never be with you. I’m sure he’d be HORRIFIED if he saw what some of his “fans” said about Kristen.

So why all the hate? Really? The internet is so full of bullies. It’s sick. But bullying a celebrity.. Someone you never met and don’t know, based on what the media falsely writes about her? Get off your high horses and get a life. Seriously.

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