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Sometimes in black communities we forget that black girls are girls, not little women. My friend then shared with me her own story of being sexually abused and ending up pregnant and in need of an abortion at age 12 because her family members irresponsibly left her with a male family friend. The first time a 12-year-old black girl ever told me she had been raped, I, too, was 12 and she was a friend. The second time, I was a 22-year-old teacher, and the 12-year-old was my student.

I realize now, having heard a version of this story, yet again, that as gut-wrenching as these stories are, among black girls they are not uncommon; they are not even remarkable. So many of the highly educated black women you see went to hell and back before reaching the age of 18. Education has become our drug of choice.

[…]For black girls, educational achievement is not always the best indicator of a stable, happy home life. For me, education offered a goal and reward structure that was predictable and that I could control, simply by doing what was asked of me. In the midst of so many things I could not control, school was attractive. I imagine that for many black girls the narrative is similar.

Brittney Cooper, "A black girl’s constant fear: Why I thought I’d never live to see 33" (via ethiopienne)

Protect Black girlhood and womanhood.

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do you ever get mad because there’s so much wasted potential in characters and relationships and plotlines in some shows

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How radical feminists see gender


  • Gender is a hierarchy: it results out of male dominance with masculinity describing the behavior and status of men as ruling class while femininity expresses the behavior and status of women as subordinated class.
  • As a consequence the concept of gender is rejected outright and seen as needing to be eliminated.
  • Gender is a social construction and not an essential human characteristic. It does not belong to anybody but manifests itself in human relations.
  • Transgression of gender does not contribute to social transformation, at least not substantially. In fact, the opposite might be true.
  • The welfare of “bio” women as prinicpal concern takes precedence over gender identity.

[Summarized from “They Know It When They See It: The UK Gender Recognition Act 2004” by Sheila Jeffreys in The British Journal of Politics & International Relations 10 (2), pp. 328-345.]

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Jules Scalbert - The crown of roses
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Jean-Honore Fragonard
Blindman’s Buff (Le Colin-Maillard)
ca. 1775-80
Oil on canvas
Fragonard choosed  to  developed a style that lauded the charm and beauty of the private moments. In Blindman’s Buff, well-dressed men, women, and children play the familiar game in the kind of picturesque overgrown garden. Fragonard’s favorite subject, he  viewed the games as symbolizing the game of courtship.
Timken Museum of Art,  San Diego, California
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It makes you very sensitive – raw, even – this consciousness. Everything, from the verbal assault on the street, to a “well-meant” sexist joke your husband tells, to the lower pay you get at work (for doing the same job a man would be paid more for), to television commercials, to rock-song lyrics, to the pink or blue blanket they put on your infant in the hospital nursery, to speeches by male “revolutionaries” that reek of male supremacy – everything seems to barrage your aching brain, which has fewer and fewer protective defenses to screen such things out. You begin to see how all-pervasive a thing is sexism – the definition of and discrimination against half the human species by the other half. Once started, this realization is impossible to stop, and it packs a daily wallop. To deny that you are oppressed is to collaborate in your oppression. To collaborate in your oppression is a way of denying that you’re oppressed – particularly when the price of refusing to collaborate is execution.
-Introduction from Sisterhood is Powerful: An Anthology of Writings from the Women’s Liberation Movement, edited by Robin Morgan (via fuckyeah-radicalfeminism)

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i srsly dont give a fuck about frozen

You are not what you eat. My body is a reflection of my genetics, my metabolism, my sleep cycle, my stress levels, my hormones, any mental or physical illnesses I may have, puberty, the placement of my fat cells. My body is not a reflection of how healthily I eat or my fitness level, it is a result of a combination of this with a multitude of other things, and assuming the size of my thighs correlates with how far I can run or the amount of chocolate I eat is insufficient, presumptuous and blatantly wrong.
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I feel like a majority of the notes on this are coming from libfem blogs. It’s actually perfectly fine if you don’t like sex. Asexual people exist. Hate to break it to you. And the problem with the word “slut” is that it’s sexist, degrading, and leads to victim blaming. The problem isn’t people “not liking sex”. This is why I worry about the sex posi movement going mainstream because it seems like all people care about is the “no slut shaming!!!1!!1” aspect of it.

B-but wut abut teh sssseeeehhheeeeexxxx???? 
Apparently if there is no sexxxay time then there is no point in even living.

MASSIVE eye rolling @ the idea that anyone who doesn’t like sex is strange. 
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The “hells”(jigoku) of Beppu are nine spectacular hot springs for viewing rather than bathing. Seven of the hells are located in the Kannawa district and two in the more remote Shibaseki district. The Chinoike Jigoku or ‘blood pond hell’  features a pond of hot, red water. It is the most photogenic of the nine hells.

Carl Sandburg, “Offering and Rebuff”
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