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Its 5 bloody am and i decided to go on the redfem tag…

I am so over this shit. I am so over the abuse, misogyny and outright hatred that women face because of what they say.

I am so sick and tired of our private and public space being abused and invaded.

Fuck this, i’m getting off this website for my own safety and personal health.

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I can’t wait until our generation becomes teachers that actually know how to make a video full screen and get the god damn cursor out of the way

or doesn’t use google to get to youtube

Please report user southwestdaddy









He insulted a 16yo girl after she stated she did not wish for her picture to be sexualized. He also reblogs toddlers comparing them to littles. Tw for his blog. Please add to this post if you have screen shots or other reciepts on this creep.


oh, this barrel of dogshit is still around? Let’s change that.

check my blog for other recent posts about this creep including his FB and twitter names and place of employment.

You people are fucking psychotic.

You are 15 years old and think that we, as adults, are psychotic for calling out a pedophile who had sexualized pictures of TODDLERS on his page. It is actually dangerous for you to be perpetuating this shit, dangerous to YOU PERSONALLY, because it puts a target on your back.

1. “You are 15 years old” wow nice ageism~~*

2. If the guy was a real fucking online pedo, I don’t think he would join a blogging site stating his exact age and shit like that. Because there were a lot of girls (my age and up) on this guys side, don’t you think if he would’ve like tried to come onto them that someone would have actually come out with it and actually reported him? Actual pedophiles usually keep a low profile and try to blend in. How do I know you’re not a pedophile?

3. You people are still fucking psychotic.

It has nothing to do with ageism and everything to do with the fact that SEXUAL PREDATORS LOOK FOR PEOPLE YOUR AGE TO ASSAULT.

It really doesn’t matter who is on a pedophiles side, because he’s still a pedophile. I saw the pictures with my own eyes.

Someone needs to take your wifi away before you get kidnapped or something. JFC.

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Sociologist Shelley Correll has shown that beliefs about gender differences in ability have an important role to play in people’s perceptions of their own masculine abilities and, as you might expect, this affects their interest in careers that rely on such skills. Correll used the data from the 1988 National Educational Longitudinal Study, involving tens of thousands of high school students, to carefully compare students’ actual grades with their own assessments of their mathematical and verbal competence. She found that boys rated their math skills higher than their equal female counterparts. This was likely due to the culturally shared belief that males are better at math, because boys were selective in their self-embellishment: they didn’t inflate their verbal competence. These self-assessments proved to be an important factor in the students’ decision making about their careers. With actual ability (assessed by test scores), held equal, the higher a boy or girl rates his or her mathematical competence, the more likely it is that he or she will head down a path toward a career in science, math, or engineering. Correll concludes that “boys do not pursue mathematical activities at a higher rate because they are better at mathematics. They do so, at least partially, because they think they are better.

Delusions of Gender

Cordelia Fine

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I wonder if you’ll speak of me
To all your future lovers.

Do you see my face each time
You scroll through all your numbers?

Will you say my name when you talk about me
Or will it be too bitter to utter?

Or will I be a single sentence;
‘It was a mistake but now it’s over.’

I hope you’ll think of something funny
We did, and laugh and let it slip.

I hope you talk about me
Like she talks about her.

I hope the memories are good.


a.c.g. - “It’s selfish, but I hope you miss me.”

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While looking for the light, you may suddenly be devoured by the darkness and find the true light.
-Jack Kerouac, The Scripture Of The Golden Eternity (via seabois)
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When women speak out forcefully, or perhaps dare to raise their voices and object to things, they are quickly reminded of gender protocol and intolerance for hearing what they have to say–especially when speaking about women’s rights. This is most commonly executed with the phrase, “don’t be a bitch.”

Four short words, yet don’t underestimate their strength: its enough to make almost anyone shut down. To which I say, own it. Being called a bitch is proving that you are overstepping preconceived gender stereotypes, to which the other person is very uncomfortable accepting. When a woman strongly voices her opinion, uses sarcasm instead of smiles, or chooses not to respond to a pitiful pickup line, she cannot be simply dismissed with an upward arch of the brow and a supposed insult. It must be said that women, believe it or not, are people too and sometimes they have bad days and don’t want to exchange pleasantries. Yet when women possess such attitudes, phrases like “don’t be a bitch,” are used to put them back in their subordinate place.

-  Be the Bitch - Nora Turriago (via fatanarchy)
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